Phillip Cooley

Phillip Cooley spent 22 years in corporate finance and accounting before he decided to jump into a new
adventure as an entrepreneur. He had spent many years dreaming of one day owning his own business,
and in 2016 he finally took the leap and opened Aspen’s doors. Phillip had a strong desire to shift his
attention from large corporations to working with small and mid-sized businesses and their owners. His
goal was, and continues to be, providing the right financial tools and services so business owners can
focus on the work they love.

Phillip received his B.S. in Health Information Management and Systems from The Ohio State University
and then received his MBA with a concentration in accounting, soon after. Although the majority of his
experience has been focused in health care, he also has experience in several other industries including
construction and retail.

In his free time, Phillip loves the outdoors and he is a husband to his amazing wife and three awesome

Adrienne Irby

Since receiving her B.S. in accounting in 2004, Adrienne Irby has been controller of manufacturing companies.  In 2017 she decided she would like to focus on helping small businesses develop their accounting processes and procedures allowing ownership to focus on business growth.  Although Adrienne’s experience has been in manufacturing, this new endeavor has allowed Adrienne to work with many different types of businesses.  Adrienne possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and thrives on helping others.  
Adrienne loves spending time with her husband, son and dog.  They enjoy the Colorado mountains as well as traveling to the beach as often as possible.